Twin Stealth Turbo Kit

S&H Performance Stealth Twin turbo kit for your 05-10 GT.

We have come up with a top notch, all inclusive twin kit at a budget build price! The S&H Stealth Twin kit will support 500-1200rwhp out of the box and installation is a breeze! Perfect for your dd street beast, dyno queen, drag car or road race junkie. Made in the USA!

Twin kit highlights:

No cutting, welding or relocation of any engine bay components for a hassle free installation. Can be used with stock exhaust manifolds or aftermarket shorty headers. Low mount turbo’s to keep engine bay temps cool and absolutely no ground clearance issues for a worry free, clean and stealthy install! Features Comp oil-less billet wheel turbo’s, so no oil feed/drain lines or oil scavenging pumps to worry about. No tapping the oil pan, no oil seals to leak and no smoke show to worry about!

Kit components:

    • Two Comp CT3-6262’s, T3/3″vband .82ar with x-hf billet compressor wheel, 713C Inconel high flow turbine wheel, triplex ceramic ball bearing oil-less water cooled chra. Includes adaptors, an lines and fittings for water cooling.


    • Two titanium 2500 degree turbo blankets


    • Two Tial MVS 38mm vband wastegates with complete spring kits to run whatever boost you want and wastegate dump tubes


    • Hotside is all 304 stainless steel, hi-temp coated inside and out, 25ft roll of header wrap. 3″ downpipes that hook up to your stock overaxle pipes, with dual 3″ cutouts (with caps so they can be run open or closed), provisions for o2 sensors and wideband(s).


    • Coldside is polished aluminum, turbo outlets merge to 3″ feed pipe to intercooler, 4″ core bar and plate fmic with 3.5″ outlet and 3.5″ piping all the way to the throttle body. Includes welded in maf flange and PMAS HPX-E maf with plug and play maf extension harness (no cutting and extending your maf harness!) 5-ply silicone couplers and stainless steel T-bolt clamps.


    • S&H Performance 50mm high flow bov


    • Custom Radiator/Intercooler Support brace which replaces your heavy factory radiator support brace! Available with either sway bar delete version or with sway bar mount provisions to retain your sway bar(coming soon).


Want a custom coating, paint or hydrographic? Just give us a shout when ordering to give your kit that custom look at an affordable price!

Add a fuel system or injectors when you order for even more savings!