S & H Performance Intake Manifold for 05 – 10 3V Mustang Gt

Some specs on the S&H 3v intake manifold: A focus on function while still keeping a sleek form, an aggressive design with boost in mind!

Hand built and welded here in the USA out of 16 gauge sheet metal aluminum and cnc’d 6061 billet aluminum flanges. Deletes charge motion valves, no additional plates required, uses factory o-ring gaskets for a leak proof seal. 62mm dual bore intake plate accepts stock and aftermarket throttle bodies. Plenum and runners designed to promote mid to high peak flow without completely sacrificing low end. Oversized boxed runners to increase flow and support ported heads and big cams. Reduced plenum volume with unique baffling, every angle was though out to help prevent turbulence and smooth the air flow. Increased injector height on the runners to better atomize the air/fuel charge. Customizable! Need a custom intake plate or fitting configuration for your setup, just let us know!