11 – 14 5.0 Stealth Kit

More coyote mock up pics. Starting to come together, trying out different ways to route everything to see what works best. EPAS was a bit of a challenge. But so far everything is tucking nicely and we have room for a 4″ intake tube for the turbo inlet on the driver side which rocks. We were going to go with twin 38mm wastegates but may be able to do a single larger gate with this design routing, will keep cost down on the kit as well. We shall see, more to come!

S & H Performance Intake Manifold for 05 – 10 3V Mustang Gt

Some specs on the S&H 3v intake manifold: A focus on function while still keeping a sleek form, an aggressive design with boost in mind!

Hand built and welded here in the USA out of 16 gauge sheet metal aluminum and cnc’d 6061 billet aluminum flanges. Deletes charge motion valves, no additional plates required, uses factory o-ring gaskets for a leak proof seal. 62mm dual bore intake plate accepts stock and aftermarket throttle bodies. Plenum and runners designed to promote mid to high peak flow without completely sacrificing low end. Oversized boxed runners to increase flow and support ported heads and big cams. Reduced plenum volume with unique baffling, every angle was though out to help prevent turbulence and smooth the air flow. Increased injector height on the runners to better atomize the air/fuel charge. Customizable! Need a custom intake plate or fitting configuration for your setup, just let us know!

New Images of the HOT SIDE!

More images of our single turbo kit, more info coming soon!




New intercooler support

New intercooler support brace that can be used with or without a front sway bar! Standard for single and twin kit.

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Single kit mock up pics!

Check it out, more info coming soon!

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S&H Performance Stealth Twin Turbo Kit Pro Dyno tuned 323ci Stroker

Well shes all tuned up by the wizards @ ProDyno and making crazy power on a built 323ci stroker. 875rwhp / 799rwtq on 18lbs of boost, uh by the way…. that was on 93 PUMP GAS!! Check out the awesome video down below provided by ProDyno.

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S&H Performance Stealth Twin Turbo Kit First Dyno Pull!

Dyno time with S&H Co Owner Bobby Smith’s 2005 Mustang GT with a forged Ford Racing Boss block and one of our Stealth Turbo Kits. The Car made on its first pull 730rwhp / 704 rwtq on an avg. of 10-11lbs of boost! Check out the video below, Like and subscribe to our youtube channel to keep up to date on the project.

Stealth Turbo Kits are here! Now taking orders

We are proud to announce the release of our long awaited stealth turbo kits for your 2005-2010 Mustang GT! For more information, please contact Sales@sandhperformance.com or contact Bobby @ (704) 614-2074.

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